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The Paratrooper Database was created to honor those men who served in the 503rd Parachute Regimental Combat Team during WWII. The 503rd PRCT was created by combining the 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment, 462nd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion and Company C of the 161st Parachute Engineer Company in late August, 1944.

Per Bennett Guthrie, in his book Three Winds of Death, "The 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment initially contained nearly two thousand men; more than three thousand others eventually joined the ranks as replacements for casualties or other unit components that made us a parachute regimental combat team, unattached in the Southwest Pacific area theater of war."1

The initial database contains the names of over 2700 men who served in the 503rd PRCT, who were listed on what is commonly referred to as the Templeman Corregidor Roster as found in, The Return to Corregidor, by Harold Templeman. The book contains a roster, as furnished by the 503rd PRCT Headquarters, of those men who participated in the recapture of Corregidor. The book was published in 1945.

Don’t be alarmed if the veteran you’re looking for is not contained in the database or is listed incorrectly. As stated above, the initial database consists of those men listed on the roster found in The Return to Corregidor. While the Templeman Corregidor Roster is an excellent source, it is not 100% perfect. Also, the initial database does not account for those men who were with the unit prior to or after the Retaking of Corregidor. There are still some 2000 men that need added to the database.

As documents are found and reviewed for information that may contain the names and personal details of those men who served in the unit, they will be listed below. If you are in possesion of any documents or images that may aid in identifying those men who served in unit or help tell their story, please contact me.

1Bennett M. Guthrie, Three Winds of Death: The Saga of the 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team in the South Pacific (Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press, 2000), ix-x.

Guthrie, Bennett M. Three Winds of Death: The Saga of the 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team in the South Pacific. Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press, 2000.

Templeman, Harold. The Return to Corregidor. Reprinted by Battery Book Shop and Press, Nashville, 1977.

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