Veterans of the 503rd, who served during World War II, began holding informal get-togethers almost immediately after 1945. An association was established in 1957 and National Reunions were held each year from 1957 - 2018.


1. Fraternal, patriotic, historical and educational; to perpetuate and further the comradeship and esprit de corps among its members developed during service in World War II as members of the 503rd Parachute R.C.T., composed of the 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment, the 462nd Parachute Field Artillery and the 161st Parachute Engineer Company.

2. To engage in any activity for which a corporation may be organized under the Non For Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law of the State of Florida and to have and exercise all rights and posers conferred by the Not For Profit Corporation Laws of Florida including the power to contract, rent, buy, sell personal or real property, provided, however that this corporation shall, except to an un-substantial degree, engage in any activities or purposes of the organization that are not stated above.


1. To seek out the identity and whereabouts of all living persons who are eligible for membership.

2. To recruit the larges possible active membership.

3. To encourage and assist in the formation of Chapters.

4. To attain maximum participation in the affairs of the corporation.

5. To assist in every honorable way in upholding and furthering the interests of the 503rd Parachute RCT in maintaining it’s pre-eminence among airborne organizations, past and present.

6. To venerate and honor deceased members of the corporation and those members of the 503rd Parachute RCT who gave their lives while serving their country in time of war.

7. To expand public knowledge of the organization by carrying out worth programs and activities in conformity with the Purpose and Objectives.


1. Active membership shall be limited to former members of the 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment, the 462nd Parachute Field Artillery Battalion and the 161st Parachute Engineer Company, who served in those units for any period of time during World War II. The authorized voting and other rights and privileges of members and their liabilities to dues and assessments, and the method of collection thereof, shall be set forth in the bylaws.

2. Membership shall be limited to five classes: Active, Inactive, Associate, Honorary and Widows of Active Members

A. Active membership: An active member shall be an individual eligible for membership who pays current dues. He shall have full voice in corporate affairs and be entitled to every right and privilege.

B. Inactive membership: The Secretary shall maintain an up to date listing of all known individuals who are eligible for membership. An inactive individual shall have no vote in the affairs of the corporation

C. Associate membership: Associate membership may be bestowed to any individual not otherwise eligible for active membership who is deemed to have contributed significantly to accomplishing corporate objectives. The Associate member shall pay the same dues and have the same rights as an active member.

D. Honorary membership: This may be bestowed on any individual deemed worthy of such membership by the majority vote of the Board of Directors at any time. Dues are not required. He/She may not have voting rights unless serving on a committee.

E. Widows of active members may receive the newsletters as long as she requests. She is welcome and encouraged to attend the Association reunions. She may attend the business meeting. Dues are not required.

National Reunions

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